How to totally remove Ubuntu and install Lubuntu?

by Nuri Engin   Last Updated March 13, 2018 08:02 AM

I've Asus computer with 2x Intel Celeron CPU 1000M @ 1.80 Ghz. I've installed Ubuntu 16 on my computer but it seems too heavy for it. When computer is opening sometimes it takes 5 minutes to prepare desktop and when I click on any application again it takes something like 4-5 minutes to run application.

Thusly I've decided to uninstall Ubuntu and install Lubuntu instead of it which is more lighweight. I got all personel folder to somewhere else and burned a Lubuntu ISO to USB stick.

Now I want to totally remove Ubuntu and all additional softwares which I've downloaded to computer and then make a clean install of Lubuntu. But I can not remove the Ubuntu.

I've checked internet and on every blog says something different. Finally I've run apt-get install lubuntu-desktop and now I can switch to Lubuntu but still computer to slow. As well whole pre-installed softwares are exist.

How can I achieve for a totally clean re-install of Ubuntu and installing a clean Lubuntu instead of it?

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