How to sync two iCalendar, but invert the free/busy time slots?

by user157109   Last Updated July 11, 2019 16:03 PM - source

I'm looking for a one-way sync server solution for the following use case:

  • Calendar A initiated as 'Free' (available)
  • Calendar B initiated as 'Busy' (unavailable)

then, as Calendar A gets populated with busy time slots, those slots are synchronised to Calendar B as free time slots - so inverted as such. I need to be able to also create busy slots on Calendar B, but not synced back to Calendar A.

So, the remaining free time slots on Calendar B, will be where there is a corresponding busy slot on Calendar A, but with no user-added busy slot on Calendar B.

I have a rental accommodation unit on a shared site, but the booking of the other units are contractually prioritised before mine, so I only want to make mine appear available once their's isn't.

I've tried to google for a solution, but seems like a tricky one to search for.

Would be great for an off the shelf solution, but I'm not against tweaking some code on a python project, but not sure where to start with this?

I guess the solution would have to parse all events on Calendar A and fill Calendar B with events between them, and then rebuild these each time there's a change on Calendar A?

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