How to shoot bokeh with zoom lens or prime lens for beginners?

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I am studying photography for about 2 months now. Saved some money to buy a camera rather than practicing on a rented one.

I always rented canon 600d as nikons are not available. Now I have enough money to buy my own, I am a bit confused. I know I cant get everything on an entry level cam but still bear with me.

Firstly, I am torn between nikon and canon. I have used nikon for still and video 3 or 4 times. I did not like that, the live view aperture change is not allowed. Shall I consider this reason enough to not buy a Nikon? I mean, I can get the exposure info from the sacle itself and can take darker or over exposed image if i like?

Also, I have not used nikon for videography, my friends say that you cant adjust apperture while recording a video. Is it that big of a deal? I mean if we follow a subject from dark to light room, can you adjust the shutter to decrease the amount of light entering in?

Secondly, I love to shoot family gatherings, landscapes and animals sometimes. Shall I consider and 18 55 as my wide angle for landscapes and 35 or 50 mm for family portraits to generate the bokeh effect? Or just use my feet to move around with a 55 200mm lens to create that effect (will not be the same silky background one get with a prime lens but still managable). In that case, I will have my zoom lens also act as bokeh lens and 18-55 as a beginner wide angle?

Thirdly, Since it took me 2 months(I am not broke just want to have something when I retire and still pursue my hobbies. So kinda big on savings) to gather money for my first camera. I really need advice for whether I shall go for d5200 or d5300 or canon 700d. d5200 is cheaper but people say it lacks low light performance?Also nikon lenses are cheaper, If I need ine on future.

Lastly, as per specs, d5300> d5200>700d If d5200 and d5300 does not have much difference in low light I will happily buy d5200.

Also I am tilting towards nikon because of low price of lenses and better specs than 700d

But also tilting towards canon because of the live view aperture setting.

Here are the prices I am getting:

  1. Nikon d5200 18-55 and 35mm:532$
  2. d5200 18-55 and 50 mm: 561$
  3. Nikon d5200 18-55 and 55-200mm:498$
  4. Nikon d5200 18-55: 400$
  5. Canon 700d 18-55 55-200mm: 503$ 7.Nikon d5300 18-55: 513$ 8.Nikon d5300 18 55 and 55-200: 567$

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