How to setup VPS to forward multiple IPs to a single static IP

by Matthew Prasinov   Last Updated May 16, 2018 14:01 PM

Im running a bunch of crypto masternodes and I have a vpn so I can get a static IP for my local server machines (I have to do this because Im on cable internet which doesnt allow me to purchase static IPs).

Currently if I want to run multiple masternodes of the same coin, I will have to purchase multiple VPN accounts, each with their own separate static IP. This isnt ideal because I want to have lots of masternodes of the same coin going forwards.

Im thinking of a possible solution but Im not sure how easy this is to set up, or if its even feasible. Is there a way to purchase a single VPS service, and somehow add multiple static IPs to it, and then route all traffic it receives to any of those IPs it controls to my home networks static IP, perhaps with some kind of identifying information so my home network can work out which static IP it came from and send the request to the relevant masternode machine?

Also if I could set something up like this, how much of the VPS CPU/RAM would be used, if all the VPS was doing was basically forwarding all traffic it received to a different IP?

I hope this kind of makes sense, any advice would be much appreciated

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