How to setup serach and auto reply system using sms

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I am not sure if the title of this post is correct. Please suggest changes.

I want to create a system where any person with a mobile phone can query drupal and get an auto-reply.

Example: You assign an ID to your employees and the information is saved in your drupal site. Now you do not want anybody to misuse your company name and act as your employee and try to take benefit when he is not actually your employee or was in the past. To avoid this situation, you want to create a system where anyone can send a message/sms to your drupal site with employee ID and the drupal site replies automatically with a confirmation sms that whether this employee ID exists or not in the system.

Note: I have already setup sms framework module and I also have a gateway and it is working.

Please let me know if you need more clarification.

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