How to set active downloads in session with libtorrent/Python

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I'm trying to made a script to download files in python. So far so good with the default settings for the session. but when i'm trying to set 'active downloads' it just doesn't download. I'm sure i'm doing it wrong but i dont know where. The default for active downloads in libtorrent is 3. How am I suposse to change session settings? I'm really newbie in python.

Heres the code:

!apt install python3-libtorrent

import libtorrent as lt
sett = lt.session_settings()
sett = {'allow_multiple_connections_per_ip': True,
  'active_downloads': -1,
  'active_checking': -1,
  'active_seeds': 7,
  'active_limit': -1}

ses = lt.session()
ses.listen_on(6881, 6891)
downloads = []

Here's where i suposse to put the torrent. The documentation says that I have to set auto_managed to false in order to change the active downloads.

source = files.upload()
params = {
    "save_path": "/content/test1",
    "ti": lt.torrent_info(list(source.keys())[0]),
    'auto_managed': False,

and here the code is executed.

import time
from IPython.display import display
import ipywidgets as widgets

state_str = [
    "downloading metadata",
    "checking fastresume",

layout = widgets.Layout(width="auto")
style = {"description_width": "initial"}
download_bars = [
        step=0.01, disabled=True, layout=layout, style=style
    for _ in downloads

while downloads:
    next_shift = 0
    for index, download in enumerate(downloads[:]):
        bar = download_bars[index + next_shift]
        if not download.is_seed():
            s = download.status()

            bar.description = " ".join(
                    str(s.download_rate / 1000),
                    "kB/s down,",
                    str(s.upload_rate / 1000),
                    "kB/s Up,",                 
            bar.value = s.progress * 100

            next_shift -= 1
            print(, "done")

It was working great Before I tried to change settings in the first part and changing auto_managed. So i supposse maybe that's not the way. I've readt like all the documentation but I dont know how to apply it. can someone help me?

I'm sorry for my bad englisg

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