How to set a specific vocabulary in a taxonomy reference field during migration?

by Paul   Last Updated June 27, 2018 10:07 AM - source

I am doing a D7 > D8 migration (where the D7 site in question itself was migrated from D6 some years back) and most stuff just works fine. But I am stuck on the field (instance) settings for taxonomy reference fields.

When migrating the field instances, I am using a slightly changed version from the one provided by core (that's how I did it with most other stuff, too):

langcode: en
status: true
dependencies: {  }
id: my_fields
class: Drupal\migrate_drupal\Plugin\migrate\FieldMigration
field_plugin_method: processField
cck_plugin_method: null
  - 'Drupal 7'
  - Configuration
migration_group: my
label: 'Field configuration'
  plugin: d7_field
    status: true
    langcode: und
  entity_type: entity_type
  status: constants/status
  langcode: constants/langcode
    plugin: static_map
    source: field_name
      taxonomy_vocabulary_1: field_issues
      taxonomy_vocabulary_2: field_tags
    bypass: TRUE
    plugin: process_field
    source: type
    method: getFieldType
  cardinality: cardinality
    plugin: d7_field_settings
  plugin: 'entity:field_storage_config'
migration_dependencies: null

When I run this via drush mim my_fields all field instances on all content types are created (wonderful!), the only thing missing is the restriction in taxonomy term reference fields regarding a specific vocabulary.

When I create such a field manually and export the configuration, there is a section in the yaml file describing that restriction:

  handler: 'default:taxonomy_term'
      issues: issues
      field: name
      direction: asc
    auto_create: false
    auto_create_bundle: ''

I guess this needs to be in the process section of the migration configuration, but how do I set it correctly? If I read that right, the vocabulary name (issues) is both field name and value, which would probably pose a problem for multiple vocabularies. Also, how would I set this for taxonomy reference fields only?

Added note: In Drupal 7, the restriction was set within the field global settings (allowed_values[vocabulary], could be found in the DB table field_config) and not with the field instance.

In Drupal 8, it seems to be a field_instance setting as the same field can be restricted to different vocabularies in different content types. May that be the reason, why this setting is not migrated?

By the way: I did try a simple migration first by using the Migrate Drupal module and while it got most configuration right by just using defaults, here also the restrictions on taxonomy reference fields was missing.

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