How to reduce space between $n\equiv 1\pmod{4}$

by monalisa   Last Updated August 14, 2019 00:23 AM - source

I ran the following code and got the following huge space when using \pmod function. It is looking odd in the paper. Could anyone suggest how to reduce space? Thanks a lot for the kind help.

    MSC(C_n^2) &=& \begin{cases}
           1, & \text{if $n$ is odd and d is even ($n\equiv 1\pmod{4}$)},\\
           2, & \mbox{if n is even and d is even ($n\equiv 0\pmod {4}$)},\\
           3, & \mbox{if n is odd and d is odd ($n\equiv 3\pmod {4}$)},\\
           3, & \mbox{if n is even and d is odd ($n\equiv 2\pmod {4}$)}.

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