How to preserve ALL website's URLS when transferring to a new CMS as well hosting

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I am in a position where I have to figure out how to preserve all of the website's pages URLS when transferring it to a new CMS, perhaps potentially Joomla (hasn't been decided yet). New hosting is also going to be required as well. It is extremely important that all of the URLs all pages stay preserved.

  • How do I ensure the success of preserving the URLs?
  • How do I transfer all the content in a non-technical way?
  • Not sure if formerly 'Vision Internet' keeps the site static or non-static? How do I determine this?

Any friendly CMS recommendations that's not Wordpress (too hackable and bloated) or Drupal (too overly technical)?

Any further advice or tips would be super appreciated! Also would appreciate any other issues or thoughts not mentioned in this post.

Thank you.

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