how to make use of gamification in financial/personalbanking?

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I'm working on a project for a bank X and we were asked to increase engagement in using the website of the bank and provide more interactions with the bank in a way of gamification. its very problematic because in games people like to compare their scores etc. and here we cant share personal information to other users... earning awards for doing tasks is also boring.

Do you have any ideas of benchmark what could be a sorce of inspiration for us?


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Gamification techniques are not necessarly big stuff. A small banner telling the user that their profile is 85% complete is a gamification technique to make users finish completing their profile, right?

So why don't you just remind users how fast it is to use the website instead of going to the bank physically? Put a message when the user finishes a transaction telling how much time they spend to do so, like: "Congratulations. It took only 3 minutes from you to make this money transfer."

Have in mind that gamification is very powerful for motivating people to do what they already want to do. Save time is an example. But if they don't trust the website security, gamification won't help much.

August 23, 2016 12:23 PM

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