How to make a blend file of materials to use in a Blender project based on Python script

by youkuya   Last Updated August 14, 2019 09:15 AM - source

I am doing an online tutorial about using scripts to make an object using Blender 3D v2.79, which I have as well as 2.8.

What puzzles me is, to add materials to the object the tutor went to File/Append, found a list of blend files with material names and chose one of them. He picks out specific materials from these. He clicks on the Materials icon on the right side of the screen and shows a list in a popup of the materials he had just added to the file.

I have found some textures. How do I get them onto a materials blend file? I can locate my textures by the Materials icon, but not the tutor's way. I am learning python as well as improving my Blender 3D knowledge.

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