How to label and track 2 different page types (with vs without ads) in analytics?

by adrianTNT   Last Updated September 10, 2019 23:04 PM - source

Using Google Analytics, how could I label pages in my site so I can then see individual stats in Google Analytics.

For example, I have over 500 000 pages in the site, and I want to compare the site speed for pages containing ads vs pages that do not contain ads.

At application level I control where I show or do not show the ads, just not sure how to pass that to Analytics, I assume I need to add a html code like: add_page_label('page with ads').

It doesn't need to be ads, for example I would like to label pages as guest visitor vs logged user and compare things like page speed for the two.

I remember I seen Analytics has this exact function but the way to implement it confused me at that time.

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