How to interface with SMD pads to a custom MCU on PCB

by Madivad   Last Updated August 14, 2019 02:25 AM - source

I have a board that I want to remove the existing microcontroller and apply my own. I'll be swapping out one brand of microcontroller and putting in something completely different and so I intend to make a small PCB with the required micro and interface, but I need a way of breaking out the old microcontroller pins to the new board.

Basically, I want the reverse of this:

Here you would mount a SMD component and break out the pins you want, but now imagine you have the SMD pads available to you and you need to interface them elsewhere.

We are talking about 56 pins in a 8mm x 8mm square arrangement, 14 pins each side:


Remove this and use the pads to connect to my PCB

My main intention is to NOT desolder the rest of the board (~50 mechanical keys), instead remove this and interface with what is already there and keep the rigidity of the original board.

Desoldering the keys I am concerned I will damage some. If it wasn't for this fact I would just design my entire board, and transpose the pieces from one to the other, however, I am not confident of not being able to remove all components safely.

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