How to install Texlive on Kubuntu 15.04 (tar.gz)

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I hope you can help me. I download TexLive to install it...

I went the manual path. The other also doesn't work. (I want the newest Version of 2015)

I do the stuff like the Ubuntu wiki say, without any success. I try several time stuff an it doesn't work.

I have unzip it with right click mouse technique and try it about the terminal. Now I have on my dolphin desktop an unzip install folder. After the command

cd /home/user/install-tl

I get not found ... I try several times and try often an don't get it.

How should I proceed?

thanks for your answer. In the Moment there runs the installation.

I checked the way ... can you give me a hint for the codes/commands? How you get it...? I try to expand my talents on Ubuntu and search for the best wiki suff or something like that... or it is only learning by doing.

Is there a very good chart or something with all commands and a pathfinder map or something like that?

Thank a lot


Answers 1

If you are reinstalling first run the commands,

rm -rf /usr/local/texlive/2015
rm -rf ~/.texlive2015

then, Download the .tar.gz

open terminal and run following commands,

cd ~/Downloads
tar -xf install-tl-unx.tar.gz

Currently we have version 20150927, therefore

cd install-tl-20150927

and install via

sudo ./install-tl

You wil see something like this

======================> TeX Live installation procedure <=====================

======>   Letters/digits in <angle brackets> indicate   <=======
======>   menu items for commands or options            <=======

 Detected platform: GNU/Linux on Intel x86

 <B> binary platforms: 1 out of 19

 <S> set installation scheme (scheme-full)

 <C> customizing installation collections
     47 collections out of 48, disk space required: 4038 MB

 <D> directories:
   TEXDIR (the main TeX directory):
     !! default location: /usr/local/texlive/2015
     !! is not writable or not allowed, please select a different one!
   TEXMFLOCAL (directory for site-wide local files):
   TEXMFSYSVAR (directory for variable and automatically generated data):
   TEXMFSYSCONFIG (directory for local config):
   TEXMFVAR (personal directory for variable and automatically generated data):
   TEXMFCONFIG (personal directory for local config):
   TEXMFHOME (directory for user-specific files):

 <O> options:
   [ ] use letter size instead of A4 by default
   [X] allow execution of restricted list of programs via \write18
   [X] create all format files
   [X] install macro/font doc tree
   [X] install macro/font source tree
   [ ] create symlinks to standard directories

 <V> set up for portable installation

 <I> start installation to hard disk
 <H> help
 <Q> quit

Enter command:

make your changes and type I to install.

September 28, 2015 12:33 PM

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