How to install LAMP with Oracle OCI8 PHP extension included?

by EASI   Last Updated March 24, 2017 15:01 PM - source

In many years of programming I developed solutions for Windows and just a few for Linux (and always with PHP and MySQL). This time I am at a company that uses Oracle and they use it with Java.

I need to develop small services in PHP and put them in a LAMP server they have to use with phpBB and Wordpress, but these services I will create get information from Oracles database.

I have already install oracle client in my Windows to develop them, but now I want to put them in the LAMP server, but there is no OCI8 PHP extension there.

What is the most safe way to install this extension without break the LAMP configuration, which my cause malfunction of the solutions already installed?

They still use PHP 5.3 and the server is forbidden to access Internet, so I have to install everything offline.

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