How to increase fighting stats of a player without increasing HP?

by Francisco Rodrigues   Last Updated May 22, 2020 20:13 PM - source

I'm currently making a simple game that requires a fighting system. The game consists of many (more than 100) levels that the player needs to go through to get to the end. In each level you get to fight creatures and monsters, and you evolve your skills by doing so (there are also other ways to do that but they're not relevant for the purpose of this post). The problem I'm having is that when the player reaches the higher levels, the fights become very hard to balance:

To calculate the damage the player does to the enemy, I was basing it on the player's fighting skill (which goes up with each fight) and the opponent's fighting skill (which is based on the level). However, if I make it so the damage is proportional to the ratio of the skills, when both skills are high, neither of them will do much damage. On the other hand, if I base it on the difference of these skills, a player with less stats than a monster can't to any damage to it (which is not what I want, as some monsters may have more fighting skills but you have more health, and vice-versa).

My question is if there's any easy way to calculate the damage that would scale well when both parties are very strong.

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