How to incorporate SUBSTITUTE function into complicated function in Google Sheets

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I have the following function and it works perfectly, with one exception. Some of the values returned have characters in them that I want to remove.


The string in F2 is: OER - World History - Day 1 | 9/1/2016 | @ 8:00:00 AM | Location is 000-DO | in Jamacha Conference Room | ID#100008

The above function currently returns @ 8:00:00 AM

I'd like the above function to return 8:00:00 AM

I've tried using the SUBSTITUTE function on the above function, but I can't figure out 'where' or 'how' to properly use it. If I use it on a simple string, it works perfectly.

=SUBSTITUTE(?????, "@ ", "")

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Answers 1

Short answer



The argument of the ARRAYFORMULA function, was inclued as the first argument of SUBSTITUTE and this was this was included as argument of the ARRAYFORMULA.

NOTE: Breaklines and indents were included for readability. Google Sheets is able to handle this, but only will keep the breaklines and indents when a the an argument or function is changed.

February 17, 2017 09:27 AM

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