How to handle n sub-pages in a sitemap

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How would I go about displaying sub-pages in a sitemap if it is uncertain how many there will be? E.g. for part of a website that will be continually added to

See this example:


I would like to make it clear that the sub-pages could be any number, as opposed to a specified amount

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The general standard is to show a page stack. Taken from Jesse James Garrett's visual vocab for IA:

"Use a pagestack to indicate a group of functionally identical pages whose navigational properties are immaterial to the macrostructure of the site. Similarly, a filestack represents a group of files that receive identical navigational treatment and can be classified as a single entity (such as a collection of downloadable games or a library of PDF instruction manuals)."

It looks like a pile of documents or files.

See image on right hand below:

enter image description here

Guy Sangwine
Guy Sangwine
March 21, 2017 11:41 AM

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