How to get small numbers (For example q0)

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I'm still new to Latex, and I can't seem how to write f.ex. q0 where the 0 is small. Hard to explain/search google when I don't know what you call this in english.

Hope someone can help :)

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What you're looking for is subscript and you write it like this: $q_0$.

Note that this only works in math mode. The $ tell LaTeX to switch from text to math mode or back (there are different possibilities of switching to math mode, see here).

When you want to have multiple digits (or other symbols) in subscript, you will have to enclose them in curly braces (q_{12 + x}), since the _ only "sees" the next symbol. The curly braces make LaTeX se everything inside as a group that can not be separated.

If you want to use subscript in normal text, have a look at this question.

Superscript works the same way but with ^ instead of _. Write x^2 for x².

May 05, 2014 21:11 PM

In quiver it works like (inline LaTeX goes between $...$) $q_0$ and it is called "subscript". I believe ^ is for exponents.

More info can be found here -

November 09, 2018 00:30 AM

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