how to fix this cartesian plane with tikzpicture?

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I would like to modify this Cartesian plane, by drawing the vertical line x = -2 and adding the 0 and the lines as in the figure, but I can not fix them. Could you kindly help me?

enter image description here

\usepackage{pgfplots} %%%%%


    circle,fill,draw,minimum size=2mm,inner sep=0

    axis equal image,
    max space between ticks=20, % This is one way of getting a tick for every integer
    ticklabel style={font=\scriptsize},
    axis lines = middle,
    xmin=-5.5, xmax=5.5, % The range over which the x axis is drawn
    ymin=-4.5, ymax=6.0, % The range over which the y axis is drawn
    domain=-6:5.5,         % The range over which the function is evaluated
    xlabel=$x$, ylabel=$y$     

 \addplot [very thick, blue, smooth] {-(0)*x+1};

\coordinate [label=above right:$0$] t (0.0,0.0);
\draw [color=black,fill=black,fill opacity=1.0] (a) circle (0.15cm);

 \coordinate [label=above right:$y=1$] at (-4.0,2.0);

  \coordinate [label=above right:$x=-2$] at (-4.0,-3.0);



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