How to fix Mobile Usability Issues (page resources are not loaded) in Google Search Console

by user101070   Last Updated August 09, 2019 13:04 PM - source

Our website is responsive but it is showing the below mobile usability issues at Google search console. 1. Content wider than screen 2. Clickable elements too close together 3. Text too small to read

When we try to test live page URL in Google search console in Mobile Usability tab, although the pages appear to be mobile-friendly, sometimes it shows "some page resources are not loaded" i.e. (CSS and JS files) whereas sometimes it shows that "Your page is mobile-friendly" i.e. all resources are loaded. Screenshots attached.

We also have implemented the following: 1. All Meta Tags are well defined 2. We've implemented a CDN for files 3. Reduced the size of the CSS and JS files, as well as images to the bare minimum 4. Provided access to .js and .css files in the robots.txt file 5. The website is working fine on all devices.

What might cause this problem?page loading issues

no loading issues in the same URL

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