How to find and copy list of files, from unknown subfolder path, to a single destination

by Matthew Swart   Last Updated September 27, 2018 09:12 AM - source

on Apple OSX, how can I copy thousands of files which live in various sub folders, to a single folder, if I only have the file name (and not the full path) ? I need to search for the file, then copy it, recursively; how? Thanks! Matt, Cape Town


I did a large 26 Gig import into Apple Photos, from a folder structure of thousands of images.

After the import, I received an error that some files could not be imported.

When i search for individual examples, the files are perfectly fine (incidentally many of them are portrait-orientation video clips)

They also import fine on an individual basis.

But there are too many to do, one-by-one...

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