How to design intentional friction in app?

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I am designing an app for iOS where I need to prevent user to unintentionally trigger an alarm (the action of calling for emergency should be easily accessible but at the same time should prevent any accidental initiation).

I don't want to use confirm dialog since it requires user to read and looking for a button in different position. (seems like too much friction on the other side)

What occurred to me initially as an good idea was to use 'slide to' action button, similar to what was/is used to unlock iPhone screen, but then I run to this topic: basically saying that Apple discourage usage of these kinds of components refuse to publish such an app in the store.

Do you have any experience with this kind of user scenarios? Or do you have experience with apple refusing to publish your app for such reasons?


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Additional ideas from this article:

  1. Delaying the action and allow a window time for users to "undo"
  2. Extra step for security, such as asking for fingerprint
  3. Other types of authentication such as re asking password or 2-factor authentication.

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Nicolas Hung
Nicolas Hung
November 08, 2018 20:10 PM

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