How to define a personal title for your web browser tabs?

by Edhrendal   Last Updated January 12, 2018 11:16 AM

In my web browser (chrome or firefox), I have a few tabs of the same website or the same page (because of testing purposes). I would like to know what tab is for when reading my tab titles.

For instance, I have 3 tabs of the same page (so the same title is displayed in web browser) and I would like to set a title different for each to know what is the purpose of each tab. But this name is only for me (and I need it to be kept because I often refresh my tabs ; so no JS).

Do you know if there is a solution in Chrome or Firefox to set a "nickname" for the tabs? I would like to rename a tab in DONT REFRESH DAT YOU FOOL to remember this tab musn't be refreshed. It's like a post-it for my tabs.

Thank you o/

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