How to create a sitemap for parent and separate folder structured websites?

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We are looking at creating a parent and subsite folder structure, and we are not sure how to best create a sitemap for these separate installations that all sit under a main site name.


Parent: Subsite/Folder:

The complication occurs when have the main website which is a Joomla CMS installation:

Which will have a shop made from Magento eCommerce as a separate folder

A video sharing folder built from a Video Sharing PHP install:

and a blog built from Wordpress:

If it were set up as subdomains (e.g. then submitting a sitemap is relatively straight forward. Although it’s restrictions for SEO mean a folder structure will best optimise our SEO format for the site. Given though they are all separate software installs & folders sitting under the main URL, how do we best create a sitemap/sitemaps for the site given the different platforms in play?

Also will this same sitemap solution help with Google analytics?

Essentially how do we treat each folder as a separate site in google with regards to Google Analytics for reporting, and sitemaps for SEO optimisation?

eg: Joomla, Magento eCommerce, Video PHP, Wordpress.

If anyone could point us in the right direction or share some help that would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers, Chris

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Sitemap for multiple folders under same domain :

Sitemap is a list of urls for a web crawler to know the web structure and urls of your website to crawl.

There are various conventions followed by developers to create a sitemap. Like:

1) Single sitemap with all urls 2) Multiple sitemaps per directory or logical grouping of urls

But this does not make much of a difference as for crawler is concerned. It will pick those urls and crawl it.

Recommended approach:

  1. Create a single file sitemap.xml
  2. Add all root links + links for directory sitemaps inside it
  3. Add directory sitemaps will have all links inside that directory + directory links if there are directory inside directory. This can be nested to any level
  4. Advantage of this is a proper organization/management of sitemaps for you.

Even if your sub-directories are created by various tools ultimately your website is a set of links that crawler understands.

For easy management, you can have a individual product's sitemap created from its used platform/tool and link it in main sitemap.

For google analytics:

Under the same property in google analytics you can create different views based on your requirement.

August 26, 2016 05:39 AM

I am trying to create a site map for and I am using the wmpl plugin so i create another page like but my squirrly plugin does not include the spanish version. Can anyone help

May 29, 2019 11:05 AM

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