How to create a saved, consistently available value/color key when styling a choropleth map in QGIS?

by scrollex   Last Updated July 11, 2019 19:22 PM - source

I've created a simple choropleth map representing birthplace data for the US, by PUMAs, for a particular shapefile (e.g., the layer shapefile_1):

enter image description here

I've categorized the value for each of the PUMAs using QGIS's automatic classifier:

enter image description here

Nothing crazy so far, right? But now, I'd like to apply the exact same palette that QGIS created for shapefile_1, and use it for shapefile_2.

Is this possible? Can I somehow export this value/color pairing and use it in multiple projects? Do I need to have both shapefile_1 and shapefile_1 loaded in simultaneously, and somehow style/classify both at the same time? Is there another solution? I've struggled with this on multiple projects, and would really love a helping hand!

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