How to configure StarWind Virtual SAN Free

by Carobell   Last Updated March 12, 2018 18:00 PM - source

I tested my environment during the 30 day trial and really liked it but now I want to make it work with the free version. I started over and followed these walk-through from Starwind Creating HA Device with StarWind Virtual SAN Free and StarWind Virtual SAN Hyper-Converged 3 Nodes Scenario with Hyper-V Cluster

I have 2 devices (Storage and witness) on 3 nodes, all my targets are made and using the sample scripts I was able to figure out they were synchronized.

One of my problem is if I follow the Hyper-converged link, under "Multipath Configuration" it says to configure all devices for MPIO but my devices don't have any connections?? If I continue I end up with 3 disks (I should have 6) on each server and can only bring online 1 of them and initialize it.

The scripts I used :

  • CreateHA (created the devices)
  • enumDevicesTargets (confirm the devices and targets are there)
  • haSyncPriority (the name says it all)
  • SyncHaDeviceAdvanced (check if they are synchronized, stuff to do if not)

Is there someone out there that can help me out ? I can't seem to figure out what I'm missing and Starwind's free version is not as noob friendly as the management licence...

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