How to beat Matriarch Benezia with little health?

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I am playing as an infiltrator and I've just beaten the first wave of commandos Benezia sends after you in Mass Effect. The game automatically saved and after the conversation ends and I am meant to kill her, I have little health, no medpacks and my team also has little health.

My team consists of Ashley and Benezia's daughter (whose name I forget), one of which gets put in stasis mode every single time.

There doesn't seem to be anywhere I can run to seek cover.

The closest I came was using the marksman ability and telling my team-members to attack Benezia and getting her down to a sliver of health before a commando killed me.


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I had this problem when running through on Insanity. I ended up doing the following after many, many tries.

I ran away from Benezia, back toward where you come into the room. I also made sure that my squad was following me. There were some commandos there, and took them out using powers and the squads guns, and then made the left to that platform.

From there, I personally used my best long-ranged weapon and took out all enemies that could see me from there. Benezia was not one of them. Once I slowly and carefully picked off all enemies, allowing armor to regenerate between each, I then had my entire squad attack Benezia.

I also had the Unity power for all of this, but I don't think I used it at all during this battle once I figured out this tactic.

I think that the best thing you can do is try something other than take her on right away. Bide your time and take care of minions first. Use talents liberally (Shield Boost, etc.)

February 06, 2012 22:19 PM

Use Sabotage, followed by Overload and then attack her with your best pistol while using Marksman.

July 16, 2012 13:47 PM

When I played the mission to kill the Matriarch, I was an Infiltrator and used the pistol and assault rifle. The Matriarch had very low health, but so did I. One of my teammates died and Ashley killed two commandos. The Matriarch went to get Ashley, so I sneaked up behind the Matriarch and shot her in the head over and over again with the pistol. As soon as it overheated, she was on the ground.

So my strategy would be to use one of your teammates as bait, and sneak up on the Matriarch and blow her head off. But make sure she has low health. As for the commandos, I was just lucky Ashley was there.

September 22, 2013 18:16 PM

I just went through and did a play through... I don’t even think I finished the mass effect the first time I played through I don’t even remember this part so this was kinda new to me... I play as a vanguard and broke it up into waves... I had Tali and Garrus ... Garrus is a little punk he kept dying on me but Tali was very helpful with her sabotage and overload... her and my carnage for the commandos also hacking for the Geth that attacks you and finally when I got rid of the geth and commandos I overload, Damper, Carnage, adrenaline rush and assassination combo a few times and she was dead

Tamarik Thornton
Tamarik Thornton
October 09, 2019 16:52 PM

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