How to add meta keywords in each Blogger post?

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Recently I saw some "how to" articles about putting the meta keywords in each Blogger post individually. According these articles, you have to put some code many times, e.g. if the blog contains 100 posts, the code must be added 100 times. Please see the instruction:

I am afraid this trick might be risky, because the template will be overloaded by adding this code many times.

Could you tell me please if anyone is using this method successfully? And if this method will be better then adding the description simply in the post editor?

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Google announced in 2009 that they no longer use the meta keywords tags as a ranking factor, and Bing have since stated they could view it as a spam signal rather than a ranking aid.

I'm pretty sure that most other major search engines no longer use the meta keywords tag, apart from Yandex. and Baidu.

So I'd recommend not using the tag at all unless you are serious about ranking in Russia and China, and especally not taking advice from an article so clearly out of touch in current SEO by at least 6 years:

Websites that are with the best Alexa ranking also use the same for their pages. (GOOGLE, YAHOO, ETC). Meta Tags play a key role for their optimized results.


August 25, 2015 03:36 AM

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