How to access two parameters one being an array the other being a value?

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trying to write a function that takes the change you have in an array [quarters,dimes,nickels,pennies] and second parameter of the cost value n. So ([quarters,dimes,nickels,pennies],n) then I wanna use the reduce method to create an ES6 style of code

I want to understand how to use reduce and grab the second parameter in my code

const changeEnough = ([25, 20, 5, 0], 4.25)
const ct = (accumulator, currentValue) => 
    ((accumulator + currentValue) - intialValue >= 0);


error message I am getting is

changeEnough.reduce is not a function 

I have figured that I am not asking the other value of 4.25 in my code

Answers 1

Your declaration of changeEnough is wrong. Using the comma operator like that results in the final value - what actually is it? 4.25:

const changeEnough = ([25, 20, 5, 0], 4.25);

So pass the second value as a second argument to reduce. You can make this simple by using an array for changeEnough:

const changeEnough = [[25, 20, 5, 0], 4.25];
const ct = (accumulator, currentValue) => ((accumulator + currentValue) - intialValue >= 0);

console.log(changeEnough[0].reduce(ct, changeEnough[1]));

(Also make sure you've defined initialValue.)

Jack Bashford
Jack Bashford
August 14, 2019 05:23 AM

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