How tight should a screw be screwed in?

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Might sound as a simple question, but I am still confused. As a new learning DIYer, I want to know in more detail on which application how much a screw should be tighten.

For example, if I want to put wall anchors in hollow brick (those vertically perforated with a few walls inside), I will put in a plastic anchor, so how much should I tighten a screw into the anchor?

How much should I tighten a screw in a brick wall anchor?

How much should I tighten a screw in plain wood?

How tight in a drywall?

How much should I tighten a screw in a metal object?

And etc., also I do know that some screws, like a Philips one, is actually meant to be stripped under high torque, and Torx are more intended for higher torque, but I want to focus more on how much is it recommended for a screw to be screwed in the material without damaging that material or making it less strong, for example if I am screwing a hinge in a wooden door, I do not want my door to be more prone to breaking because the screw is more tight than it should be, I want a good balance.

So let me know from your experience what are the general guidelines for tightening screws in different materials and some tips and indicators for that. Also what are recommended tools, like comparing manual driver to using a electric drill/Impact driver.

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