How long to cook a 150 lb. pig in the ground?

by Joseph O'Neal   Last Updated April 16, 2018 03:17 AM - source

I am cooking a 150 lb pig in the ground for Cinco de Mayo. I am using a Kalua Hawaiian method but using taco Al pastor flavoring.

Feeding over 100 people street tacos. I have researched and have read different times on how long to leave the pig in the ground.

I will have two wireless thermometers. One in the shoulder and one in the butt. The pig's cavity will be stuffed with room temperatured whole pineapple. Very very hot dry rocks will be placed in the pig's joints. Four corners, before tieing up and layed to rest. One true cord of apple wood will be burning, so a solid foot of hot coals. Old cabbage and water will be applied to create steam to help with the cooking process. The pig will be butchered appropriate and accordingly. Wrapped in banana leaves and aluminum foil.

Two Questions:

•If I want the pig done by 4pm (food on the table by 5pm), when should I have the pig in the IMU, covered, cooking? I would rather have the pig finished early and held hot rather than have 100+ hungry people staring at me, waiting.

•What temperature do I want the shoulder and butt to be? Different temperatures? I have experience in braising pork shoulder, chuck beef, etc.

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