How I can "start" if service is not running, but "reload" if it is running using systemd?

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I have deployment (capistrano) that, on success, reloads systemd:

sudo systemd reload myserver.service

But, just after the first deploy, the service is not yet running. In that case, I want to start it, instead.

sudo systemd start myserver.service

Is there a flag or other trick in systemd that figures out: "is the service running, then reload, otherwise, start it"? The alternative would be to build this into the deployment tooling itself, but I'd rather use existing features if systemd provides these.

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You probably mixed something up. The command to reload or start a systemd service is systemctl.
You can try

sudo systemctl reload-or-restart myserver.service

That should do what You asked for.

October 20, 2019 08:28 AM

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