How get get a backup of one drupal instance and restore onto another environment

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I've been trying to get a copy of our production Drupal instance backed up and restored onto a local environment that is ran via MAMP, and EVERY SINGE POSSIBLE OPTION has failed.

drush bam-backup never completed and it just hung for no good reason. No information, no errors, nothing. Just hangs for hours.

drush archive-backup worked, but when I went to restore it fails because, once again, an error with zero information.

So then I tried to get a dump of our sql db and that succeeded. So then I ran drush sql-cli < my_backup.sql and that completed just fine. After I launched my MAMP environment with the new sql db, my original site seemed to load the right login page. It had my UI and everything.

However, when I went to login with one of our drupal users, it just locked up everything and I got a drupal error that just says "error" with, again, no actual information. When in this state, I attempted to do drush cc all and it gives me the error:

PDOException: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] No such file or directory in drupal_is_denied() (line 1917 of /Volumes/Doxy/htdocs/omegadoen/includes/

So, accessing localhost through the web browser gives me generic something went wrong error, but drush gets that exception. After looking it up, it told me to change my host in my setting.php file to instead of localhost, so I tried that. After doing so, then drush worked, but the web browser now gave me the PDOException: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] error.... :angry:

Is there any backup and migrate process that ACTUALLY WORKS as expected? How can I get a copy of my drupal instance from our production server backed up, so that I can set it up on a local environment ran through MAMP? If the Backup and Migrate module doesn't work like it's suppose to work, what other kind of process is there that is available?

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