How does one begin entering data into a SQL/database server?

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Does one start out with an ms excel spreadsheet/access document and then import that into SQL?

Does SQL have its own spreadsheet as part of the software to enter data into it?

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The specific answer depends on the database platform you are using. The basic steps are same. You need to "import" your raw data into the database. Your platform might have a GUI importer to ingest Excel, CSV etc. The raw data needs to be in a form that is readable by the database engine. For example, delimited text file or spreadsheet are good. In short, you need to understand your data format and import mechanism.

Most modern database systems also provides powerful command line interface to ingest data.

July 12, 2019 13:30 PM

This is a very basic question, so I'll provide a basic answer, and that is: no, SQL doesn't have a way to import a spreadsheet. There are tools available depending on what programming language you choose, and you can "LOAD DATA INFILE" at least with MySQL (see this link for a CSV, but not an Excel spreadsheet directly through SQL - which is just the language itself (Structured Query Language).

To get data in, you'd do a query:

first_name = 'Joe',
last_name = 'Smith',
birthdate = '1995-07-28';

If you have a spreadsheet, it will take a non-SQL process. You might also find something like this helpful:

Oliver Williams
Oliver Williams
July 12, 2019 13:37 PM

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