How do you make different theoremstyle

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When preparing some manuscript, I noticed it is required that theorem, definition and remark have different formats.

vi) Theorems etc. The words “Theorem”, “Lemma”, “Corollary”, “Proposition” and “Definition” (and their appropriate numerals) are to appear in bold face. The complete body of a theorem, lemma, corollary and proposition is to appear in italics. Only the concept to be defined in a definition is to appear in italics, the rest of the definition being in ordinary print. The words “Proof ”, “Remark”, “Comment”, “Note”, “Example”, etc. are to appear in italics.

I was using \newtheorem{theorem}{Theorem}[section] for all theorems, corollaries, remarks, examples, etc... I was only able to set one style using \theoremstyle{}

Is there a way that I can set different styles for different environments?

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