How do I teleport a player that has two specific scores in Minecraft

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I am making a bukkit minecraft server and I want to know how to make a player that has a score of 1 on one scoreboard objective, and 3 on another.

Something like this right?

/tp @a[score_scoreboard=1,score_anotherscoreboard=3] (coords)

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That is correct, but it has little to do with bukkit servers since /tp and scoreboards are available in vanilla and singleplayer

January 21, 2016 02:31 AM

The command you listed above is an accurate command. There may be something wrong with your computer, or you typed in something wrong. Remember to hook the command block up to a repeating circuit. A possible solution for you is the command

/testfor @a[score_scoreboard=1,score_anotherscoreboard=3]

placed in a command block connected to a repeating circuit, and a redstone comparator coming out of it, and going to a command block with the command /tp @p x y z, but sadly, that would only work if you had one person on the server, or just on the person nearest to the command block. If you need it to work with multiple people in random locations, then you can try this slightly different command:

/tp @p[score_Scorename_min=1,score_Scorename2_min=1] x y z

where 1 is the minimum number that their score can be.

Proof That the /tp command actually works:

January 21, 2016 02:36 AM

Assuming your Bukkit plugins don't interfere with vanilla commands (and if one does, go and hit the plugin dev with oak wood planks), your problem is most likely a misunderstanding of the target selector arguments.

There are two target selector arguments for every scoreboard objective: score_NAME=X and score_NAME_min=X, where NAME is the name of the objective, and X is an integer number. The first one checks for the maximum, the second for the minimum score needed to be a valid target. To target someone with an OBJ1 of at exactly 4, you have to use both.


This can be expanded almost infinitely with more objectives, for example


would target any player with an OBJ1 score of 4, OBJ2 score of 2, and OBJ3 score between 66 and 99 (inclusive).

In your teleport example, you'd use

/tp @a[score_scoreboard=1,score_scoreboard_min=1,score_anotherscoreboard=3,score_anotherscoreboard_min=3] (coords)
January 21, 2016 09:49 AM

To those looking at this and using 1.13+, here's the new format (using MrLemon's example):

/tp @a[scores={scoreboard=1,anotherscoreboard=3}] (coords)

October 19, 2019 19:00 PM

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