How do I start a real life application project with Python?

by Gilberto Robles Silva   Last Updated June 20, 2018 22:05 PM - source

I have been learning Python for a while now and I understand the syntax and the flow of it, and have created some simple projects on the console. However, I would like to escalate my skills to a more useful level. Something I could turn into a business. I am very interested in artificial intelligence, machine learning penetration testing, web development, and building general useful applications on different platforms. Currently, I am 100% self taught through free online resources and I am an incoming freshman to college, but I would like to start furthering my knowledge before I start my computer science degree. I have knowledge of Java and Python, and looking to start making extra money while I learn. What direction should I be looking to for free good quality learning about my interests? Most lessons online are too simple(just explain the syntax of languages and very general introductions) or are way too complicated(require extensive knowledge of several libraries and experience).

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