How do I set up this checkbox formula in google sheets? I'm getting #N/A error

by Mr. Victor   Last Updated October 10, 2019 03:03 AM - source

I have a list of players in my league and next to each name is a checkbox to show if they are active or not. I set up a formula that checks each of the 12 weeks of game play to see if a player participated. If they did participate in any of the 12 weeks, I want the checkbox to be ticked so that their stats get displayed on the stats tab. I'm getting a lot of this and it's displaying #N/A:

ErrorDid not find value 'prduke11' in MATCH evaluation. Invalid: This cell's contents violate its validation rule

When player is active, the checkbox is ticked like it should be. My formula is below (I'm using a nested IF formula but have tried writing it with IFS and got similar results) ($B18 is the player in the list and the formula repeats only changing the Week tab [ex: Week1!, Week2!, etc] it is searching:


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