How do I remove page numbers from a list of figures with subcaption and tables?

by RLLBcheese   Last Updated August 06, 2019 13:23 PM - source

In subcaption: remove page number from lof, someone asks how to remove page numbers from the list of figures when using subcaption. This in itself works fine.

However, when I generate a list of tables with this configuration, the list of tables is completely blank. What am I doing wrong?









\caption{test subfigure}
\caption{another test subfigure}
\caption{A figure with subfigures}

\begin{tabu}{X | c | c | c | c }%
        Method & Mean Bin & Worst Bin & RMS Error & Dead Time \\ \hline%
        Delay line & 60~ps & 165~ps & 40~ps & 2.5~ns \\
        Type A (FSR) & 30~ps & 65~ps & 25~ps & 5~ns \\
        Type B (ISR) & -- & -- & 10~ps & 45~ns
\caption{A Table}


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