How do I know which Tamron lenses will be compatibile with a Canon EOS 60D camera?

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I am trying to figure out a compatible lens for my Canon EOS 60D. A Tamron lens is my preferred option as I used to have one for my old Minolta when I used 35mm film. The motor in my EOS 60D is a USM. I believe I need a USD Tamron lens, but I am unsure. I see HLD Tamron lens on the market that make reference to APS-C format but I am unsure if this is compatible with my EOS 60D. Advice is welcome.

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There is no autofocus motor in the 60D, the autofocus motor is always in the lenses.

Your 60D works with lenses designed for the EF or EF-S mounts(*), and lens that work on the 60D will always state this. The EF-S is specific to APS-C cameras, the EF mount is for full-frame or APS-C cameras. Keep in mind that on a 60D (APS-C) the field of view of the lens is reduced compared to what it provided on a film/fullframe camera, this make it appear at a longer focal length, so a "standard" 50mm lens on a APS-C makes it look like a short 80mm tele, and the "standard" focal length on APS is therefore around 35mm.

(*) There are two other mounts types for Canon lenses: EF-M and RF. These will only work on mirrorless cameras.

July 11, 2019 15:20 PM

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