How do I do a quick restart?

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I've watched a few videos of people playing and it appears (without the footage being cut) that they're just pressing a button and it restarts the whole thing instantly in order to start with a specific item. Is this a program/macro? Is there a button I can press for this?

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It's not pressing a button, it's holding a button (not tapping).

When you hold r for a couple of seconds, it will restart your run. (However this will not work for Eden, since it uses tokens to check if you may play him)

You can also hold the left Ctrl for a few seconds to drop your trinket(s) and card(s) / pill(s) (You may want to drop a certain trinket before going to a certain place

Drop The left hand before going to the chest


For controllers the controls are different (for example: Holding RT (right trigger) will drop the trinkets and pills / cards.

And from seeing the Reddit thread about controller support:

Unfortunately, I don't think the DS4 has a restart button enabled by default. So if I want to restart, I need to switch over to the keyboard for a second. Other than that, loving my DS4.


No controller has binding for restart.

Statement of developer on reddit:

We ran out of buttons. Maybe in an update.

Inferno IV
Inferno IV
December 31, 2014 08:08 AM

There's currently no restart button on the PS4 console but Tyrone ( developer who worked on the game ) says maybe in a later update so hopes afterbirth will Come with a quick restart option :)

Cavan matcham
Cavan matcham
October 29, 2015 15:29 PM

hold both R3 and L3 for a few seconds

May 15, 2019 09:37 AM

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