How do I display a minimum requirement in a way that encourages the user to exceed it?

by Sara Scheuermann   Last Updated December 30, 2016 08:06 AM - source

I'm designing a budget planning tool for sales reps. The reps must spread their budget across 5 different categories of spend, three of which have a minimum spend allocation. The organization would like to see reps spend more in the categories with minimum requirements.

My initial solution has been to implement a progress bar to each category to gamify the system. As the user allocates budget, the bar for that category fills up. The minimum marker is just beyond the half way point of the progress bar, leaving room to encourage additional spend. The issue is that I have an unknown maximum spend.

How do I create a progress bar with no maximum?

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What if your 'progress bar' was implemented as a 'milestone bar', so that there is no established top end, but a moving milestone indicator (or series of indicators) that appear above the bar?

October 28, 2016 16:06 PM

Could you draw a red or yellow progress bar until they reach minimum and then switch to gold stars or something as they exceed minimum? As there is no upper limit I cannot see how you can always draw a sensible progress bar.

Eg. Assume minimum 200.

When at 0. Draw 0% in red

When at 30. Draw 15% in red

When at 140. Draw 70% in yellow

When at 198. Draw 99% in yellow

When at 200. Draw one gold star

When at 400. Draw two gold stars

When at 3000. Draw 8 gold stars

You can scale the rate of gold stars so that 1 to 2 might only be 200, but getting 5 stars needs thousands.

Humans also like to compete, so perhaps also either show other users results, or at least tell user where they are (5th best) compared to others. But remember to handle different budget amounts.

October 31, 2016 05:37 AM

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