How can I tell if this is a gas or wood burning fireplace

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From what I've been able to determine what's pictured is a gas log lighter for wood burning fireplaces. The prior owner did some questionable stuff so I don't know if it was originally gas and he "converted" it to wood burning or if it was originally wood burning. As an example the log lighter is not installed correctly.

What things should I look for to confirm if it is wood burning or gas. Flue

log lighter

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Gas In profile, it is a rumford fireplace, but lacks some of the technology of those fireplaces to deal with smoke. It also does not have an air hole at the bottom, which a lot of wood-burning fireplaces use to avoid sending hot air up the chimney.

Besides that, it shows no sign of ever having had wood smoke in it, and the damper isn't the type you usually see on wood-burning fireplaces.

Most likely, the gas line you see was covered with various fake wood logs to create a more visually appealing setup.

If anything, it might have originally been a coal burning fireplace, but most wood-burning fireplaces are deeper and not so clean.

October 09, 2019 18:11 PM

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