How can I make the dough for an ice cream sandwich easier to work with?

by user379468   Last Updated February 05, 2018 17:17 PM - source

I recently tried to make the "cookie" portion of an ice cream sandwich using this recipe The proportions of ingredients made a rather hard cookie, which by some accounts is good, but broke apart very easy. It was also very time consuming to roll all of the dough. I'm looking to re-try making them but altering the recipe ( or using another one ) for the following characteristics.

  • I would like to cookie to be softer, so that it will not so easily break.
  • I don't want it to be quite as soft as commercial sandwiches (
    which almost seems more like cake).

  • I would ideally like the dough to be pourable ( so I can pour it out on to a sheet pan rather than having to roll it out.

I know that's a bit vague but I also know that i should be able to alter the Ratios to create something that is closer to what I'm looking for

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