How can I make crispy potato wedges without frying and oven?

by Pamela Lee   Last Updated August 11, 2019 19:17 PM - source

My mom lives Hong Kong when Toronto's cold. Here are strictures:

  1. Let's rule out frying - it's unhealthy and can cause cancer.
  2. Her HK flat doesn't have a convection oven. She never bought microwave oven -

    However, FDA regulations require that microwave ovens are designed to prevent these high level radiation leaks.

  3. She could buy a counter-top convection toaster oven, but she feels it's too eco-unfriendly and waste of money. Let's rule it out for now. If nobody comes up anything, she will reconsider. She has a rice cooker. Her kitchen looks like

enter image description here

Sources - First pic beneath. Bottom pic.

enter image description here

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