How can i improve the performance of redpower frame tubes?

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Now that this question was answered and my horizontal redpower quarry is working, i feel it needs improvement because whenever i turn the switch for the 5000+ block breakers, two things happen:

  • a delay of several seconds before the signal actually switches and all the blocks are broken
  • several minutes where minecraft struggles with all the items flowing through the tubes, symptoms are console messages "memory connection overburdened" and, for example, my recycler working at a slower rate because, i guess, creation of new items is forbidden or something. Also all interactions (looking into a chest etc. take several seconds.

Now the first point is not so problematic, but the second point pretty much stalls my game until (? i don't even know, i guess when enough items have left the system)

How can i improve this, what is the cause for these problems? I can think of ways to make the pathfinding for the items easier, but is that any problem at all here?

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each time the block breakers get a signal each of them needs to break the block in front of them and path to the nearest available inventory (cause of the initial lag)

after that it needs to render all the items in the tubes as they travel, that causes overhead because each of the pipes is a tile entity that needs to send a representation of the items traveling to it to each player in rendering range each tick.

the first step can be made bearable by staggering the block breakers' activation and decreasing the search space. every few rows separate the tubes in the frames with a panel and add a delay to the next segment, provide each section with its own enderchest.

If you still want only a single output then you should use a regulator with a stack of cobble in the output filter, or simply void it with a filter before the output at several points

ratchet freak
ratchet freak
August 20, 2014 09:25 AM

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