How can I get a static download link for a Microsoft MSDN Subscriber Download?

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I need to be able to download MSDN ISO files directly from power shell, and therefore I am wondering how can I do this?

I can view the downloads site at however, these downloads require authentication.... I do not know how to authenticate into it through power shell, and i can find no applicable cmdlets.

It would be nice to just have static download links for my actual files. Does anyone know how to do to this?

Also, it would be helpful if anyone could provide a cmdlet that's already done for this (i've searched to no luck) Thanks for your help!

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I happened to find the answer to this and so I thought that I'd tell it to everyone. Hope that is okay!

So you have a Microsoft MSDN account, and you want to learn how to download your ISO files directly through powershell? Well Join me as I teach you how to do it! It is much simpler than you think!


Basically there is a static location for the ISO files, as well as a uniquely generated query string.

If you get the unique query string you can download the files, I have tested this and found I can download them for an undetermined amount of time after getting the generated string.

A new string is generated with each new authentication however, the old links still work.

In order to get the string visit the site in your web browser (Firefox would work well for this but any would do really)

[Find the file you want to download, now view your network connections when you click download, for example, i am going to show you fictitious information as an example only scenario. SEE THIS SCREENSHOT FOR HOW TO GET THE LINK

AS I SAID: The links that it generates are different at every login session it seems, they make unique links, but from what I can tell the old ones don't get disabled...

For example here are 2 links (with the relevant info changed of coarse) to give u the idea.

(I can't post more than 2 links total because my reputation is low so... ) I guess just add http and the .coms to this so that it is a link as it would look


Example 1: (key information changed for my protection)**?t=***91b4j6v6-f03d-860d-fef5-f09e123abc4d***&e=***1234567890***&h=***12a3b456c7890101de11f213141g61h7i*

Example 2: (key information changed for my protection)


Basically the link consists of the following structure:

  • Microsoft http file service located at http : / / .com/pr/

  • The ISO File name (in this case server 2016 tech preview): en_windows_server_2016_technical_preview_3_x64_dvd_6942082.iso?

  • The query string with the authentication information

  • a t= followed by an encoded string in the following format 8varchar-4varc-4varc-4varc-12varchar for a total of 32 total characters Example: t=12a3b343-f932-fe9d-fe93-a12345678abd

  • A "e=" followed by 10 digits only Example: &e=1234567890

  • An "h=" followed by a 33 character varchar string &h=123456789102345698d7f8e6w5d2s1f6e

I hope that this is helpful to you and if you have any further questions feel free to ask!

pdf about downloading through power shell if you don't know how to use wget or anything

Tim Baker
Tim Baker
October 29, 2015 06:07 AM

A faster solution would be to download it first using any browser (provided you are logged in MSDN), and then copy the download link [Like in Google Chrome, press Ctrl + J then there's a link below the name of the file you are downloading in gray).

It works for me.

Jm Regida
Jm Regida
September 07, 2016 05:05 AM

Download Windows Server 2016 ISO full version for free.

Manpreet Singh
Manpreet Singh
October 07, 2018 15:29 PM

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