How can I filter entity titles in an autocomplete form and use the title as context for a View page?

by vintorg   Last Updated August 13, 2019 03:07 AM - source

I am trying to provide a form with a single autocomplete text field on the front page. The user can search for a title of the product (commerce_product), and when they submit, they're redirected to a views page with the title as context.

These are baseball cards from multiple sellers, so there can be many cards and variations of a single card with the same name, e.g. multiple sellers sell a "Barry Bonds" card.

When the user enters the name of the card and submits, I need to redirect them to a views page to display all the cards for that particular title (card name).

The part I'm trying to figure out is how to use the selected title on the front page and send the user to a views page with that title so I can use it in a view. I assume that would be a Context, but I'm not having success finding how to do that. To clarify the flow:

  1. User hits front page and searches for a product title.

  2. The user submits and is redirected to a views page.

  3. On the views page, the user can browse all the cards under that title.

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