How can I appeal my network-wide suspension if the staff aren't even willing to hear my case?

by Hank Sauri   Last Updated August 01, 2020 05:24 AM - source

My main account is network-wide banned though I never reached the level of "active troll."

Trolls who generally repeatedly ignore warnings and emails or reply to them with very inappropriate or aggressive messages that indicate that they desire to continue their behavior.

User animusion has indicated that 10 year bans are reserved for such users. I did behave badly but I never reached that level. I believe that a 10 year ban on my main is not warranted, even though I did misbehave in some ways.

I have some pretty solid points about why my main should be reinstated or the 10 year ban made less long or alternative ways to pay the price for my misbehavior be discussed. I have tried to state them but I learned that doing so is a waste of time if they won't listen to them.

My problem is:

  • My main account is 10 year banned (Sry for posting this anyways)
  • I think it's unfair
  • I want to appeal it
  • But the staff refuse to listen to my case
  • I even tried ­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​­​ but my requests just get deleted
  • I tried using the Contact us link but I never hear back even after months

How can I appeal an unfair 10 year ban if they refuse to even listen to my case?

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